They are small, spherical seeds enclosed in pods and are generally available during spring and early winter. The statement 'vitamin An deficiency can cause night blindness' clearly reflects how important it is to include vitamin A in the diet. However, initial studies does suggest that bilberry may be effective to improve function of the retina. Inhibiting Bacteria Growth: Raspberries also contain flavonoids that have been proven to prevent overgrowth of certain infectious bacteria and fungi. So, can inclusion of supplements help to prevent macular degeneration of the eye? In 2009, Cong Zhao and his associates conducted an animal experiment which showed that diabetes type I caused by an autoimmune process could be reversed with the use of cord blood-derived multi potent cells. So, having regular servings of pears can certainly inhibit the activity of free radicals, in turn helping to reduce the risk of cancer. Stem Cells in Disease Treatment Stem cells can be used in treating diseases by way of stem cell transplant.

Age-related macular degeneration

Apart from that, there is also a risk of over-dosage in a single go single dose. Those individuals who suffer from its deficiency are often recommended to have lutein-fortified foods available in the market. Mario Capecchi, Martin Evans, and Oliver Smithies won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2007, for their work on embryonic stem cells in mice.